IBDP Visual Art

Work Produced: June 2018 ~ June 2020

Experimenting with diverse media throughout the course

For more detailed information about the work, please email “yjunchoi20@gmail.com”

The Unspoken (2018)

Acrylic and String on Canvas

The silent physical relationships of urban existence play a role in our daily lives. The subway, the most popular form of transportation, is the most common space and is the most crowded. People become intertwined with each other in a confined space. The entanglement and relationship between individuals are signified through the different coloured shapeless threads and presented as segmented structures to symbolise the unspoken physical relationships between individuals.

75 cm x 100 cm

Around Us (2020)

Pigment Liner Pen and After Effects

2 minute Animation

Seoul has evolved over many years containing both historical buildings alongside modernity. As I travelled through the city I considered the flow of time and how change occurs from a personal perspective. This representation of the old and modern buildings of Seoul, shows the city where past and present coexist, the short animation, presented in black and white, creates a new perspective on the everyday appearance of Seoul, as experienced through my eyes along my journey of where I live.

Tangled Identity (2019)

Photoshop on Exposed Photo

Pressures of urban existence and the individual ego create a tangled thread of life. We fail to realize the ‘real’ self, in the twisted forms of the city, and the bright light that carries us along. I use light to symbolise the passage of time and the confusion within a city space. The background of darkness signifies the hard and lonely life of a modern man. The distorted lights signify confusion that many urban citizens experience and becoming entangled within-it is not easy to untangle myself. 


The Identity of Space (2018)


Inspired by Nishino Sohei’s Diorama maps of urban life this piece explores high rises are a symbol of modernity and the city; countless columns provide spaces for individuals. The structure and space are created, but space takes on its own identity depending on the individual it contains. Humans create space that has its own energy and personality. By overlapping various colours, it emphasizes that the same space never entirely exists.


District (2019)

Permanent marker on cellophane paper

The structure of a city evolves, it can never be totally different owing to infrastructure. Based on the existing structure, new layers are added to it over time through development. This piece presents satellite maps of four country’s urban structures. Through them, I attempt to represent how people will affects the urban landscape. The streets with different colours connote different cultures, paths, districts, nodes, and landmarks on a general map with a flat information structure.

60 cm x 42 cm

High-rise Disconnetion (2019)

acrylic string, clay on canvas

This piece specifically comments on a community in Busan, Korea and how those living in new highrise buildings are disconnected compared to those in older buildings, where a sense of community exists. Old is represented through grey colour as opposed to the attraction of new buildings, signified by bright colours. A sense of community is created by connecting lights and red string. The red string is a symbol of connection in Asian culture. The new buildings are raised, signifying their disconnection.

35 cm x 65 cm

Structural Definition (2019)

Gouache and collage on canvas

Architecture is a product of culture and has also become a defining element of how we view the world. Structural features vary from country to country, however, all hold memories across time. Based on the heritage found within British architecture, this piece uses iconic buildings placed on a map of Britain to symbolise how structures have become synonymous with a sense of identity amongst the citizens and a focal bridge point of interaction between those other than British.

40.2 cm x 81 cm

Time Layer (2019)

oil paint on canvas

Gyeongbokgung Palace is a central part of Seoul, a symbol of long heritage. I use the floor plan of this iconic structure as a symbol of time. The spiral pattern that tells a story of change, development and history and signifies the organic structures of the past.  The green colour – that surrounds it signifies the forest that used to exist around the palace and a disconnection from the outer world as it stands now. This piece celebrates and reminds us of the past which has its own value. 

60cm x 75 cm

Never Enough (2019)

gouache on illustration board

All architectural structures evolve from human conception and desire. Inspired by the Tower of Babel and Hundertwasser, this piece comments on the global desire to reach the ultimate and in doing so, find that it is never enough. Man always wants more. The architectural structure of the painting, in two distinct layers, symbolises the reality of mankind and his dreams, represented through referencing different structures worldwide.

39 cm x 50.5 cm x 2 cm

Accumulation (2020)

3d pen, acrylic paint on canvas

Melted cultures and traces of people’s lives remain in place without being erased. Those who live in the city build on this, evolving and changing, reinventing itself through mixes the cultural ideas and places. The structure of a city in my work is created based on Seoul. The layers of acrylic roughly expressed, resulting in layers, signifies the trace cultural elements of people’s lives which has formed the city as we know it today.

51 cm x 54 cm x 29 cm

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