Y1_P1_Rear Window Project

The Bartlett School of Architecture

Work Produced: September 2020 ~ January 2021

For a more detailed portfolio about this project, please email “yjunchoi20@gmail.com”

The rising pandemic issue has driven the course to the online lessons outside the school building. The whole project was driven remotely using the zoom meeting as well as one-to-one short tutorials over the first term.

The initial idea of this project has started from the movie “Rear Window” where the protagonist uses binoculars to zoom in on the place he was curious about and interested in. I was also interested in the definition of the garden in which the fences were used to divide the private and public spaces, but people were able to see the whole garden at once from above. I focused on the texture of the materials and the objects to arouse curiosity with the idea of materiality and decay by using the scroll, which acts as a device of the journal, a recording tool.

Material, Texture & Sound Investigation using Scroll


After seeing the movie “Rear Window”, I selected the interesting parts which narrowed the project. Idea of Private and Public Spaces + Zooming technique inside the movie have intrigued to start off the project.

After selecting the interesting part from the movie, I picked out one object, threshold and interface within my room through drawings. In this part, the interface of the whole city inside the window frame has foster myself to combine with the idea of private and public space also zooming in technique.

Reference: “Power of Ten”


As the idea of zooming in has applied to the interface provided within my room, the material of the apartment, trees and window frame has outreached.




27/10/2020 ~30/10/2020

Until Mid December

Final Product:

Adobe After Effect, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Photoshop

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