Y2_P2/3 Among the Trees

The Bartlett School of Architecture (BSc)

URL: https://summer2022.bartlettarchucl.com/ug9-among-the-trees/year2-yongjun-choi

For a more detailed portfolio, please email “yjunchoi20@gmail.com”

l Hull Maritime Museum l

* Located in Hull, East Yorkshire, near the Humber Estuary, the proposed museum is a memorial to the lost elements of St Andrew’s Dock. The architecture of the museum has three key aspects to recall the dock: the uneven hallway imitating a ship’s hull and its interaction with changing tides over time; a recollection of the lost fish market through fish kits displays; and the commemoration of fishermen through an installation of coloured ties attached to the cable net canopy, highlighting the lost fishermen and their past industry. *

Tide In and Out

Google Earth Aerial Roof Plan 1:500 at A1

Interior Views

Ground Floor Plan 1:100 at A0

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